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Guided Oregon Hunting

Guided Hunts

Call us and we will answer all your questions and give you all the information you need to maximize your hunt with us.

Why Should You Hire a Hunting Guide?

Securing the services of a guide might seem expensive, but the chances of a successful and enjoyable hunt are higher. Hunters who lack precise knowledge of game distribution, access points, and the local geography, yet attempt to put together hunts themselves may face frustration, danger, and disappointment.

The chances of safely harvesting a big game animal improve if one hires a guide to take them to private or remote areas. Guides are familiar with their areas, hunting regulations, own facilities, and possess equipment that the average hunter might not care to purchase for one-time use.

And Last But Certainly Not Least

There are two things that are totally in your control to maximize your trip and opportunities. First, be in good physical condition, especially in western states where the county is very rugged and you will be hunting in high altitudes. Second, be as proficient as possible with your weapon. Ask the guide what distances you should be prepared to shoot and then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!!