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Southern Oregon Steelhead Fishing

Our location is Roseburg, Oregon, with several great fisheries within 10 minutes to 2 hours from the lodge, we can just about always get you to fishing regardless of what the weather throws at us. Our home river, the Umpqua, is always listed as one of the top 10 steelhead streams in the Northwest:
“More than likely you will get your personal best on this river… The scenery is different from most rivers in Oregon. The makeup of the valley is shale and basalt. It’s a big, intimidating river with bright green water. It’s a unique, unbelievable color. It draws you back.”
The Umpqua flows to the Pacific about 3 hours south of Portland, Oregon. The steelhead of the Umpqua is as distinctive as the river itself.
“We can look at pictures of steelhead and be able to identify Umpqua fish consistently well. They have big shoulders and a unique profile.”
There is no telling how many steelhead actually run this wild and scenic river. “About 25,000 steelhead run up the North branch each year, but the South branch has no weir, however, there are roughly 130,000 hatchery fish released into the south each spring.”
Several of the rivers we fish have lots of hatchery fish, but the Umpqua is mostly wild fish. It is our experience we average a ratio of 10-to-1-wild fish over hatchery fish. We like to specialize and work with fly fishing for these steelheads of Southern Oregon, but when water conditions require, we will use light spinning rods to side drift or bobber dog for these fish. Occasionally we will use plugs to get these fish when water levels are very high.



Guided SteelHead


/per day, up to two fisherman (No lodging)

1 Day Angling License with Columbia River Basin Endorsement $17.75

Two Day All-Inclusive Package


/per person

Arrive on Wednesday evening, Fish Thursday and Friday,
Depart Saturday Morning.

Three Day All-Inclusive Package


/per person

Arrive on Saturday evening, fish Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Depart Wednesday Morning.