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Columbia Whitetail Deer

In 1967 the Columbia Whitetail was put on the Federal Endangered Species list. Now for the first time in over 30 years, you can legally hunt the Columbia Whitetail!!

Complete your updated North American Whitetail slam with the harvest of a Columbia Whitetail. We will be hunting four ranches, and only six tags are available. Don’t miss your chance to harvest this deer. Numbers are very good, and you will have a 100% opportunity to harvest a deer.

The Columbia Whitetail hunts have been a very large success. Please visit the photo gallery to see the deer we have taken in the two-season we have been able to hunt this very rare North American Deer. The four-day Whitetail hunt includes your landowner tag, lodging and food, and one on one guide. Your license and tag fee to the state of Oregon are not included.

Space is very limited as we only take 6 hunters per season, and 2 hunters per trip so call or email to reserve your hunt soon. Please check our Schedule and Rate Pages for dates and pricing. Call or email for availability.