“This is the hunting trip I look forward to all year! Stalking deer in the Oregon hill country is a one of a kind experience. The hunting knowledge I gain from the guides, the trophies and memories that now hang on my walls and the wonderful smoked venison that I bring back to the east coast keep me coming back year after year. Thanks to Craig, Becky and the whole staff for truly making this a memorable experience that I look forward to every year.”

—by John Wood, Encompass Group, LLC

“My hunting focus for the last twenty years has been on Africa and International hunting, and when I happened by chance to stop at your booth at the 2014 SCI Annual Convention I became intrigued with the Columbia Blacktail and Whitetail hunts that you offer. I was thrilled when you were able to open a spot last October for a blacktail hunt. While I would not classify myself as a “lucky” hunter, when we spotted the big non-typical buck the first hour on the very first morning, I couldn’t resist. Now I’m looking forward to coming again this year and hunting with you to get a trophy typical blacktail buck so I can have them mounted together for a lasting memory. We’ll plan on doing the Columbia Whitetail next year. The food and accommodations were great, and I must admit that with over a hundred hunts in the last twenty plus years, this is one of the few times I have had a jacuzzi in my room. Thanks again for everything, you and Becky were awesome.” 

—by Michael J Wilmet, International Sportsmans Marketing Network

“I’ve hunted with great guides on all six continents over the years, Craig and his team is as good as they get. He is experienced, knowledgeable, professional and has a high commitment to make your trip successful. In addition, He’s a fine person to spend time with in the field. I have great trophies and wonderful memories because of Craig. I’ll hunt and fish with him every chance I get and recommend him with complete confidence.” 

—by Kim Kutch D.D.S

“I have known Craig for over 14 years now and we have become very good friends. I was introduced to Craig from a mutual friend and started fishing and hunting with him and have enjoyed it tremendously. My hunts with Craig have included the opportunity to harvest 4 branch bull elk and 6 black tail deer. I have also been able to harvest many turkeys and had the opportunity to take my wife and she harvested a long beard. Many of these trips have brought great memories for me and I remember these hunts by the trophies hanging on my walls. What a great fisherman he is and has taught me a lot. We have had amazing times fishing for salmon, steelhead and sturgeon. Since my daughters have taken to hunting, Craig has been a great teacher to them. My oldest daughter has taken 2 beautiful black tail deer and 3 turkeys. My youngest daughter hunted this Easter and harvested her first turkey. She is looking forward to her first deer hunt With all these hunting and fishing trips, Fins & Feathers Guide Service has always supplied the best accommodations anyone could ask for. I plan on booking many more trips for not just myself, but my entire family!” 

—by Dan Martin, General Contractor